Hi Guys!

I’m Amy the blogger behind Teachers Sanity Corner.

I have been a teacher for the last 9 years and taught in  a variety of different schools in Australia. For the majority of the last 9 years I have worked K – 3 but mainly year 2.  This year though, I have a fabulous year 1 class and really loving it!  I think this class has helped me remember why I love teaching so much!

Last year was one of the hardest teaching years I have ever experienced and without going into to much detail ( I will save that for another post) I made a promise to myself that this year I was going to put my self and my health first!

This is where the Teachers Sanity Corner comes in.  I wanted a place where teachers can come to vent, to de-stress and relax.  I want to offer teachers, especially beginning teachers, tips and tricks on caring for your own health and sanity.

This blog means two things to me.  The first being, I wanted a place that other teachers come when they’re feeling stressed, over worked and/or overwhelmed  and hopefully find a answer or solution to their problem. The other reason, I needed a something that wasn’t related to teaching/education that I could focus on and although this is about teachers, this blog is more about helping other teachers.

So if I manage to help just one person, in the smallest little way, then I have reached my goal!

So grab a cup of coffee or tea (or wine) and sit back and relax with me.

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S feel free to introduce yourself by leaving a comment below 😉



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