Erin Condren Teacher Planner – First Impressions.

I love this time of year when I get to set up my new planner! There is just something about a new planner, whether it’s for work or a personal planner, that excites me. Maybe it’s the fresh start, maybe it’s the excitement of a new year ahead, maybe its just the endless possibilities that the year holds in store for us!

So I thought, before I start scribbling all over mine, I would give you a quick tour of my new planner along with my first impressions.


Flamingo Teacher Lesson Planner 2018.

For many years I have made my own planner but for the 2018 school year I decided to treat myself and splurge on my teacher planner. After 10 years of teaching you got to treat yourself a little! So after many months of admiring the EC teacher planner and watching many reviews on YouTube I decided to live dangerously 😉 and buy the planner.

The reason I decided on this particular planner was because I like how the lesson plan format is broken down into 7 sections. Also, being a teacher, I love all things pretty, in saying that I love how you can add your own personalised touches to the teacher planner. You can choose your own cover, foil binding and add extra inserts.

My first impressions of when it arrived was that it was much bigger than I expected. Both the size and the thickness of the planner are not what I am used to. Also, there is so much colour throughout the planner it will definitely keep you motivated when you’re planning. Finally the pages of the planner are really thick, which is a big plus! Most of the regular teacher planners that I have purchased in the past have been normal printing paper.

So what is included?

  • Contact information page
  • Yearly plan
  • Absence log
  • Graph pages
  • 12 monthly spread
  • 40 weeks of weekly plans
  • 7 student checklist or assessment pages (you can add more for an additional cost)
  • Reusable Sheet protectors
  • Sticker pages
  • Keep it together folder
  • Snap in ruler/ book mark
  • Snap in pocket protector

Take a Peek Inside


Close-up of the laminated front cover and thick coil (in rose gold)

  1. The inside of the front cover is lined so it can be used as dry erase board.


  1.  All About Me Page


Great quotes like this one are throughout the teacher planner.

  1. Useful information


  1. Communication Log


  1. Yearly Plan


  1. Absentee Log


  1. Graph


Feel free to give me ideas on what I can use these graph pages for 🙂

  1. January + Extra Pages for Each Month

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  1. Lesson Plan


Horizontal Lesson Plan page with Ruler/Bookmark. FYI I added the little tabs at the top of the page.  This is my own preference and allows for easy to other weeks in the term.

  1. Stickers Page

  1. Keep it Altogether and Sheet Protectors


I ordered 2 extra sheet protectors

Close up of tabs


Although I am totally in LOVE with this planner so far, I could probably do another review at the end of the year once I have put it into action, there are three negatives that I do have to mention.

The number 1 negative for me with this planner is the price tag. As I mentioned at the start of the post, this was a splurge to myself having reached a 10-year milestone in my career. The planner is priced at $55USD and this is before you have added any customisations. Then you need to take into consideration any additional extras you might want e.g. extra plastic sleeves at the back, changing the colour of your coil, if you want to add more checklist pages etc. You do have the option of adding other extras not part of your planner like pens and stickers. Then finally, you have the shipping costs. Once you have your total, then its converted in Australian dollars and you have your mini heart attack. So if you can get over the mini heart attack like I did then I say buy the planner.

The second negative that I have to mention is that for the monthly spreads, you have to stick on the dates yourself 😦 And as you can tell, I did not do a very good job of sticking the stickers on straight!


The third negative I have, and its not really a big negative because I haven’t tested it yet,  is the layout of the lesson plan pages. I am used to the lesson plan pages begin the vertical layout where I write out my day going top to bottom. I have never had a lesson planner where the layout is horizontal.  But like I said, it is not a massive negative just yet.

There you have it! Let me know in comment section down below if you have purchased the EC teacher planner before and your thoughts or what teacher planner you are planning on purchasing.




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