Happy New Year!

As the New Year is now upon us and the festivities are out of the way, I’m sure most of you have all thought about what your New Year resolutions might be.

I don’t really have resolutions for the fact that I find it extremely hard to stick to them. I do, however, have yearly goals that I like to work towards, that I review monthly. I display them as one part of on my vision board and have them on display.

This year however, instead of the traditional vision board that I hang up, I have decided to make my vision board in smaller form and keep it in my planner.

The two main reasons for this are:

  1. My yearly goals are personal and I don’t necessarily want them on display
  2. I take my planner around with me everywhere therefore my goals will be always with me.

Anyway, one of my goals this year is to work on my own health/self-care/teacher sanity. This year I would like to make it one of my priorities to get my work/life balance back in check.

I have spoken before about how I like to get my work organised, however, in 2017 I felt like I wasn’t as organised as I would like to be, which caused for some bad habits to form.

So some of the ways I hope to achieve my goal is by:

– Working smarter, not harder

– Creating the perfect work/life balance

– Positive mindset – For my students and myself.

Although these are some of my professional goals that I will be working towards this year, I have put together some ideas of goals that you might like to implement in the new year.

  • Stay positive
  • Build a specific subject into your daily routine e.g. fitness
  • Focus more on one-on-one time with students
  • Not let the workload weigh you down
  • Make better use of planning time
  • More adult conversations that don’t revolve around school
  • Stop making more work for yourself.

What resolutions do you hope to implement in your class/ life in 2018? Share in the comments section.



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