End of Year Present Ideas.

I don’t particular like this time of year, because on top of the usual rush of Christmas, things can get crazy busy at school. End of year assessments, reports, presentation day, class parties, finding out new classes and packing and moving classrooms (or even schools!). Like I said crazy busy! Then on top of all that, you’re getting ready to send off your kiddies.

Crazy busy time, anxious times, exciting times. All sorts of emotions rolled into one. On top of all that craziness, we still have to organise end of year presents for your students. Every year, I try to get something different to show my kids how much I’ve enjoyed and appreciated the year.

As much as I love buying end of year presents for my class, I have 23 students in my class and the price can add up very quickly!  I usually try to stick to a $5.00 budget per child. Obviously the lower this is the better.

So to help you with your end of year present buying, I’ve put together a list of 3 inexpensive presents ideas that are all under $5 per student.

  1. Books, books, books! 

This is one gift I have gotten my kids time and time again. But this one requires a little organisation.

Scholastic usually has GREAT book sets available throughout the school year. But one particular book set, is a super bargain, 20 books for $20!! What’s even better is that the book sets are usually broken into categories, like picture books for lower primary or chapter books for middle and upper primary. I’ve only ever bought the lower primary pack and most of the books are great!

This pack from scholastic usually comes out sometime throughout the year. I think around August/September. So if you’re like me and have missed it, I’ve found some other great book packs that will work just as well.

If you have a membership to costco, then I say check them out ASAP! Again they have great value book packs that are cheap! I have bought a pack of 15 Roald Dahl chapter books for $30! Yes that’s right Roald Dahl, and it’s all his good ones too! The witches, James and the giant peach, the Twits and Charlie and the chocolate factory. Other book packs include 8 pack of Billy B. Brown, 4 pack of Zac Power and 8 packs of Hey Jack.

But the best packs I’ve seen so far and what I got for my kiddies this year is the great book sets from Kmart.

15 pack of marvel characters for $30 and 15 Frozen books for $30 also.  So at $60 for 30 books that’s $2 per book, per student!



2 the educational and pleasure present in one!

If you’re sick of buying the traditional books then something I’ve also put together previously is a dice and card deck bundle.

At my local bargain store they had a pack of playing cards and 2 dice for $2.50. But unfortunately, they only had 10 of those packs in stock. But then I noticed a pack of 2 playing cards with 6 dice for $3.00. Which worked out even better.

Along with the dice and deck of cards, I included a book of ideas for each item.  Some of which were educational games, some of which were entertainment games they could play


  1. The entertainment present 

Kmart again has these great mini board games for $2! They had a guess who type game, which was all sold out so I couldn’t take a picture.  Or this connect 4 game. They are so small and cute, I couldn’t help picking one up for myself! Please note this is the mini travel size board game.




Have any other ideas that i could add to my list? Leave your suggestions in the comment section!


Thanks for dropping by.



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