How to deal with feeling Overwhelmed


Repost from 8/02/17


Feeling giddy? Nervous? Overwhelmed? Stressed? Tired? Stomach all twisted?

Back to school can be one of the worse times of the year. Trying to set up a new classroom, dealing with new students and parents, setting up new routines and general family life can make it all stressful. So if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, just know its normal and a lot of people will be feeling the same way.

Say goodbye to the stress related emotions with these simple tips.

  1. The “Brain Dump”

Sometimes we might feel stressed an overwhelmed because we have all these thoughts floating around in our heads of all the things we have to do and it just seems unmanageable. The truth is, yes you will have a lot to do but some tasks require less time then others, whereas some tasks can wait until later. The brain dump is literally just taking the time to write down everything that is floating in your head. Once its out in front of you, you can then see what’s important and what can wait for later or what 2-minute tasks you can combine together.

  1. Don’t multi-task!

I know this seems like the most effective way to get things done, but its not. When your brain has to concentrate on lots of different tasks, you wont be giving any task your full attention which means you’re not giving hundred percent. When you really need to get things done, give it your full attention that way you you’ll get it done faster and you know you’ve given it your all. Once you’ve finished it cross it off your to-do list and move onto the next thing.

  1. Make yourself “unavailable”

Things like checking our phone, answering emails/ texts, checking social media make us waste precious time when we could be getting other things done. When you’re at school and have some time off class, make it a rule not to touch your phone. If that means leaving it in the classroom or turning it off then do that.

Likewise, when you’re at home and have to do school work, do the same thing, sit away from the computer and sit away from your phone. Making yourself unavailable helps you to concentrate on the task at hand.

  1. Make a 10-minute to do list.

This is one of my favourites. Write down all the tasks that would take you less then 10 minutes to complete. Set yourself a timer for 10 minutes and see how many tasks you can complete in that time then cross them off your to-do list. There is nothing more satisfying then crossing off tasks from a to-do list. Even though they might be small tasks, crossing them off gives you a sense of accomplishment.

  1. Take a break

This is particularly important for teachers! When we feel like we are overwhelmed or stressed I know many teachers tend to work through the lunch breaks. While working through the lunch break once in a while is ok. It is very important to remember that you need to take your break. If not to have lunch, then just to get out of your class room and socialise with other teachers. You need the interaction with other adults for your own sanity!

  1. Ask for help

Some people may find this one to be a little difficult, they may feel like it is a reflection on them as a teacher or they cant handle it, which is not the case at all! If you need help, ask some one. If you’re having trouble doing something, ask someone. If you’re on a new grade ask someone to give you some tips. The most important thing to remember that it is ok to ask for help! Many teachers are more than willing to help any way that they can, even if it is something as simple as laminating games for you.


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