What’s inside planner?

Awhile back I wrote about how I organised myself for the week ahead. I explained how I planned ahead for the week by the week before. If you’re interested in finding out how I get organised for the week, you can read it here. After I wrote that particular blog post though, I got a lot of questions about what type of planner I use and where to buy it from. So I thought I would do a what’s inside in my planner blog post!

As a teacher, I love my planner! Oh who am I kidding, even if I wasn’t a teacher I would still love my planner. Im one of those people that love to write things down and keep track of things. It needs to be visual and right in front of me. That’s probably the reason why the digital planners don’t work for me that well. Don’t get me wrong, I will add important dates and appointments to my calendar on my phone but the majority of my planning is done in my planner!

I have used many planners of the course of my career, I have bought many commercial planners, I have used simple non-teaching day planners in various sizes but lately I have been using a simple template that I have made myself. Depending on my mood I would either print out a few of the templates in advanced and write in them as the week comes up or I would type out my weekly plan then print it out. Either way, I would then stick the planner page into an A4 notebook.



A page from my 2016 planner

But with my planner I needed to have both my program and a notebook close by.



This is the template that I have been using for a few years now. It featured in “My school routine” blog post from last year. It was working for me for a while but towards the end of last year I was over it. The main reason being, I would have to print off the template and stick it into my daybook which was getting time consuming. The other reason it was no longer working for me was because I had to have a separate book for my planner and another notebook for important information that I needed to refer to often like my timetable, assessment lists etc. I was sick of carrying a planner and 2 – 3 notebooks to keep track of everything.

So this year I have decided to create a planner that combines everything I need into one.

For me there were just somethings that I  **had to have**  in my planner. I needed to have the following –

  • Term Planner
  • Class schedule page
  • Weekly plan pages
  • Class awards tracker
  • Home reading log
  • Professional Development log.

These are the things that I need on hand most of the day, if not on a daily basis at some point throughout the week and instead of having different planners/ notebooks for this it is just easier to have everything in the one.

I use my planner like I breath air, so I’ve decided to print and bind my planner for semester 1 and will do the same again for semester 2. That way it stops it from getting big and bulky.

First page

Title page with my name/ school information (This has been removed for privacy reasons).



Second & third pages – Term planner and Class schedule page.



my 2017 Semester 1 Planner

Fourth & fifth pages – Weekly pages


Award tracker & Home reading Log


Professional Development Log


So there you have it, this is my planner for 2017. It is the first time I use this planner, so it really is trial and error. As the semester goes on, anything I need to add or take out I can revise for semester 2.

What are your must haves that you include in your planner? Let me know in the comment section down below!


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